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Bulk Rank Checker

See if your listings appear within the first two pages of Etsy search results for up to 20 different search terms.

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The Bulk Rank Checker searches for your listings on the first two pages of Etsy search results for up to 20 different search terms.


Use this feature to keep an eye on your top 20 Superstar Keywords and see which of your listings are ranking the best!

How to use

In the Main Menu, select "Keyword Research" and then "Bulk Rank Checker."

Use the "Input Items" field to enter up to 20 search terms.

Make sure to only enter one keyword or phrase per line. Do not use punctuation marks.

Once you are finished, click the orange "Search" button.

Please note that your search may take several minutes to process.

After eRank finishes processing your search terms, scroll down to the Results table to see which of your listings appeared in the first two pages of Etsy search results for any of those terms. For reference, Etsy displays 48 items per page of search results.

This tool displays search results free of ads, personalization, and localization, so they will differ from the results you would get if you were to search any of the terms via the Etsy search bar on your computer (with the browser you normally use).

Use this report to view the following information:


What It Means


Your listing’s main image.


The title of your listing.


The keyword that your listing is ranking for.


The page on which your listing was found in search. Without ads, each Etsy page contains 48 listings.


This shows you where eRank found your listing on the keyword's search results page -- in other words, where your listing was ranking at that time.

Sort your data using the small gray arrows at the top of each column.

Use the "Filter..." field in the blue bar to filter specific listings from within the report.

Click the orange "Export" button to export your report for future reference.

As long as you keep your browser open, Bulk Rank Checker will remember the list of keywords you entered most recently. The timestamp above the table displays the date and time of the last search.

Who can use this?

This feature is available to Basic members, Pro members, and Expert members.

We'd love to hear what you think of this feature. Feel free to click the button below to check out our Facebook group. Start a discussion, exchange ideas, or ask questions. Someone friendly is always there to help you!

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