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Create lists of online marketplaces to monitor and compare their historical ranks, popularity metrics, and traffic sources.

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Site Lists helps you keep an eye on your competitors (and any other sites that interest you). Create and save lists of sites to monitor.


Use this feature to look up and compare the traffic stats of your competitors. Create and save lists of different marketplaces for future reference. This feature is particularly useful for those who wish to monitor competitors in different categories of ecommerce.

How to use

In the Main Menu, select "Sites" and then "Site Lists."

Look up your marketplaces of choice by typing them into the search field and clicking the orange "Look Up" button.

Enter up to 10 websites to compare (make sure to use commas between each). Pro members can perform up to 100 searches a day and Expert members can perform up to 1000 searches a day.

This will navigate you to our Compare Sites feature, where you can view detailed traffic stats for those particular sites.

Click "Save As" below to save the marketplace(s) you searched to a list for future reference. If you make any changes to your list, click "Save List" to save those changes. Click "New List" to start a new query and create a new list. Once you are finished with a marketplace list, simply come back here, use the dropdown menu to select the list you no longer need and click "Delete List."

Who can use this?

This tool is available to Pro members and Expert members.

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