Competitor Listings

Analyze any Etsy shop's most recently updated listings and examine their pricing, tags, processing time, and more.

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Competitor Listings analyzes any Etsy shop’s most recently updated listings and provides insight into thumbnails, pricing, tags, and more.


Use this feature to take a deep dive into your competitors’ listings. View their listings' titles and tags, check their items’ prices, and more. Click any listing title to open the Listing Audit feature, where you can run an in-depth analysis of its images, tags, description, and more.

Analyzing your competitors’ listing data can help you learn how to improve your own listings.

How to use

In the Main Menu, select "Competitor Research" and then "Competitor Listings."

From there, you can enter any shop’s name or Etsy URL into the "Enter shop name..." field in the green search bar. Then, click the orange "Analyze Shop Listings" button to view that shop's most recently updated listings.

You can also use the "Select a Shop" dropdown menu on the right to select a shop from your list of tracked competitors and hit the orange "Go" button.

The Recent Listing Report displays the following information about each listing:


What It Means


The listing’s main image.


The title of the listing. Click any title to open our Listing Audit feature and run an in-depth analysis of its images, tags, description, and more. Learn more about Listing Audit here


The price of the item. Please note that if the item has differently-priced variations, only the price of the least expensive variation will appear in this column.

Est. Sales

The approximate number of sales made over the life of the listing.

Est. Revenue

The approximate amount of revenue made over the life of the listing.

Est Conv Rate

The ratio between the number of people who made a purchase compared to the number of people who clicked on the listing. So, if your listing generated 10 sales after 1000 people clicked on it, its conversion rate is 1%. The higher a listing's conversion rate, the better.

Date Created

The date the listing was created.

Last Modified

The date the listing was last modified, sold, or renewed.


The number of views this listing has had since it was originally published on Etsy.


The number of favorites the listing has had since it was originally published on Etsy.


All of the tags the listing has.


The number of images the listing has.

Processing Time

The length of time it takes to prepare and ship the item.

Sort your data using the small gray arrows at the top of each column.

Use the "Filter..." field in the blue bar to filter specific listings. This is useful when you need to compare one of your listings to similar listings in your competitor’s shop.

Click the orange "Export" button to export or print the list for future reference.

Click the "Track This Shop" button above the report to add it to your sales comparison list. This can be accessed via our Competitor Sales feature.

Who can use this?

This tool is available to Basic members, Pro members, and Expert members.

We'd love to hear what you think of this feature. Feel free to click the button below to check out our Facebook group. Start a discussion, exchange ideas, or ask questions. Someone friendly is always there to help you!

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