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Getting Started: First Steps
Getting Started: First Steps

Wondering where to start? Right here!

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1. Connect your Etsy shop to eRank

To get the most out of eRank, you’ll need to allow us to read your Etsy data. This is optional. However, if you do, we can identify issues with your listings. And you’ll be able to track how the changes you make impact your shop’s performance.

Quick steps:

  • Go to the Settings page.

  • Scroll down to the "Your Shops" section.

  • Click the "Connect Your Shop" button and follow the prompts.

Detailed instructions can be found here: Connect your Etsy shop to eRank

2. Learn about Etsy shopper buying habits

To grow your shop, it helps to know what prompts a shopper to buy products on Etsy. We do an annual survey of Etsy buyers and then report on Etsy Buying Habits. You’ll discover what matters most to today’s Etsy buyers – and what to avoid.

3. Do some keyword research

Find out what customers are looking for on Etsy. This way, instead of listing a product and then hoping it sells, you make products based on what people want. Then, lead those people straight to your listing by choosing the exact same words they use to search Etsy.

4. Learn from your competitors

Next, look at what your competition is doing. This saves you time and helps you price your products. You can also get keyword ideas for your titles and tags, figure out what items sell the fastest, and see when other shops in your niche experience slower sales -- sometimes, it's not just you!

5. Optimize some listings

“Optimize” means to make something as effective as it can be. Choose a listing that is not performing well and try out eRank’s Listing Audit. We suggest you not modify your bestselling listings until you’ve mastered Search Engine Optimization (SEO). This way, you won't accidentally change what is working for you and hurt your revenue.

Further reading: How to do Etsy SEO

6. Monitor your changes and search rank

Once you’ve made some changes to your listing, start tracking them.

  • Listing Changes takes daily snapshots of your listing. You’ll see how your edits impact its views, favorites, and sales. This tool makes it easy to spot what to undo if you need to.

  • Spotted on Etsy shows you which keywords you are ranking for on Etsy. And not just your own keywords you’ve chosen to monitor -- it will also show keywords you rank for that eRank is monitoring for other sellers. Discover keywords that worked to find your listings and learn how highly they ranked in search placement.

7. Explore other eRank tools

As mentioned, we recommend you start by making limited changes, and only to your poorest-performing listings. Then, allow Etsy’s algorithm several weeks to assess your changes. As you learn what works and what doesn't, gradually apply changes to other listings in your shop.

Meanwhile, check out what else eRank provides to help you grow your business on Etsy, as well as on lots of other popular venues online.

Further reading: The eRank Toolbox

Best of luck!

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