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Top Sellers on Etsy

Check out Etsy’s Top 100 shops in 18 different categories and see who had the most sales yesterday.

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Top Sellers on Etsy ranks Etsy’s Top 100 shops by their total volume of sales and shows how your shop ranks in comparison. This feature enables you to browse these shops by country, category, and year opened.


Using Top Sellers on Etsy, you can gain inspiration from successful sellers in your category by analyzing their tags and studying their recent listings. You can also track how well new shops within your niche perform and monitor your own shop’s growth.

How to use

In the Main Menu, select "Competitor Research" and then "Top Sellers on Etsy."

Here, you can view the most successful Etsy shops in each of eRank’s 18 business categories.

Type the name of any Etsy shop into the "Find Your Etsy Rank" field in the blue bar at the top of the page to learn more about its history and sales traffic via our Shop Info feature.

Search top sellers

Basic members, Pro members, and Expert members can use the second blue bar (below the blue "Find Your Etsy Rank" bar) to search top-selling shops by country, category, and year opened. If the shop does not have a country listed next to it, it means that the seller has not specified the country in which their shop is located.

Monitor competition

Use the "Top Sellers on Etsy" table to view the top-ranking shops across all categories along with the estimated number of items each has sold since opening, its Sales Trend data (the shop’s estimated number of monthly sales over the past 15 months), and the country in which it is located. Tip: Use the blue bar above the table to narrow the results.

Check the box next to "Show Active Shops Only" to filter out any top-ranking shops that are currently in vacation mode.

Use the "Most Sales Yesterday" table to view the shops that sold the most items yesterday.

Free members can view the top 5 shops in each of these sections, while Basic members and Pro members can view the top 100 shops.

Expert members can view the top 10,000 sellers on Etsy, along with the top 100 shops that sold the most items yesterday.

If you are a Basic member, Pro member, or Expert member, you can also use this tool to build a list of competitors that you can monitor. Click the eye symbol to the left of any shop’s name to add it to your Sales Comparison list, located on your dashboard. Use this list to track its sales and monitor changes the owner makes to their tags and listings. Basic members can follow up to 5 shops, Pro members can follow up to 50 shops, and Expert members can follow up to 200 shops.

Dive deeper

Click any shop listed in this feature to view its sales data. From here, you can see which listings are bringing them traffic and use them for inspiration when creating your own listings.

Who can use this?

This tool is available to all eRank members. However, please note that some features are only visible to Basic members, Pro members, and Expert members.

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